Vase of A. Riecke from 1942, transparent with green and ocher decoration


Vase of A. Riecke from 1942, transparent with a green and ocher architectural decoration. 

This vase is a creation of the artist Anatole Riecke, of Russian origin, who lived in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. 

Riecke participated in the decoration of the famous Parisian restaurant “La Coupole”, symbol of Art Deco architecture, and where all the personalities of the artistic world met.  

A beautifully proportioned vase with one side decorated with an abstract architectural motif. Decoration with natural green and ocher pigments. 

Unique piece. The object is superb, powerful, delicate and fascinating. 

Unique piece. Signed and dated 1942. 

Dimensions: H30 x W10 x D5 cm 

Very careful packaging, adapted to the object and insurance at its value included.

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