Aynsley Fine Porcelain cups and saucers, Corona Gold model, 12 people

Aynsley fine porcelain cups and saucers, Corona gold model, 12 people
This is the Corona model, circa 2000, white with a decor of gold threads, elegant, sober and timeless.
The color is divine, rather ivory, like translucent and giving it a very nice depth.
The quality of the gilding is striking and its color and matte finish are beautiful for a chic look.
Aynsley is one of the oldest English porcelain factories, established in 1775 and wearing the royal crown, attesting to its high quality. Aynsley was also selected several times by members of the English royal family.
The First Bone China was developed in Stoke-on-Trent over 225 years ago.
Porcelain is a combination of feldspar, quartz and kaolin.
High quality fine bone china contains at least 30% bone ash resulting in a more delicate appearance and translucency compared to porcelain, and allowing for greater chip resistance and durability.
Fine bone china is thinner and lighter in weight than porcelain. It also has warmer hues, whereas porcelain tends to be brighter.
Very careful packaging, adapted to the object and insured for its value.
We also sell separately the tableware set including plates for 12 people including or not the cups and saucers.
Dimensions :
  • Tea / Coffee Cup H8,5 x D9 cm
  • Saucer H3,5 x D9 cm