Advertising plate in stamped sheet metal, circa 1900, Liqueur Mokaïne, Riom Nantes

Advertising plate in stamped lithographed sheet metal, circa 1900, Liqueur Mokaïne, Riom Nantes

This advertising plate was intended for Spain for a coffee-based liqueur. The text in Spanish ‘Que calor hace’ translating to ‘How hot it is’ is a very idiomatic expression and one that we still hear today constantly.

The colors are still beautiful. The scene on the pretty terrace of a lively café, with several characters from the period and the large colorful parrot, has an exotic side and calls for a good refreshment. This one is made from coffee, which the Spaniards love.

The name of the MOKAINE liqueur is in relief and also inclined and made of letters of various sizes, the visual impact is thus very successful.

The gilding is partially preserved, the whole is in good condition for its age.


Alfred Riom 1842 – 1908

In 1868, he founded his own metal and metal printing factory on rue Dubreil, between avenue de Launay and Quai de la Fosse. In 1886, he created a metal and metal can manufacturing factory in Lisbon to meet the needs of the Portuguese canned food industry. Finally in 1899, Riom moved his company to 3 rue Lavoisier, in a factory bought from “Trottier frères” a few years earlier.

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Dimensions: H40 x W25cm

Very careful packaging, insurance to the value of the object included.