Series of Baccarat Crystal Glasses Buckingham Model for 12 people


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The Buckingham model has an important decoration cut on the parison and the foot.

The decor with diamond points and lanceolate leaves, and the faceted foot, capture the light and sublimate the glass especially as the beauty of the Baccarat crystal of this model is exceptional. The combination of the thickness and finesse of the crystal results in a model with powerful and very delicate lines.

The set includes twelve water glasses, twelve red wine glasses and twelve white wine glasses.

Model produced from 1939 to 1990, an old creation but timeless and modern.

Perfect condition, beautiful transparency.

Stamped Baccarat on the top of the foot.


Water glass H15.2 D9.6 cm

Red wine glass H 13.6 D8.4 cm

White wine glass H13 D7.7 cm

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