Table centrepiece in silvered bronze by Bointaburet, Paris, 19th century


Table centrepiece in silvered bronze by Bointaburet, Paris, 19th century

Table centrepiece in silvered bronze in a single part, oval with an ingot mold decorated with godrons, with a mirror bottom, on an oak parquet floor and 4 ball feet.

The signature Boin-Taburet Paris and the hallmarks are on a hind leg attachment.

Object in good condition with scratches from use and a small stain on the mirror.

Dimensions: H3xL61.5xl42.5cm

Careful packaging adapted to the object, insurance at the value included.

This architecture that accompanies the pieces of tableware is sometimes designed by the greatest goldsmiths. This is the case of this one signed by the famous French house Bointaburet.

The Bointaburet house was one of the most prestigious Parisian silversmiths at the end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century. Born from the association of Georges Boin (himself from a family of great goldsmiths and luxury merchants who operated the Escalier de Cristal store under the Empire) with Emile Taburet in 1860. This house achieved great prestige and received medals at the exhibitions of 1878 and 1889. Its production is typical of those of the 1880s when the ornamentalists, tired of the pastiche of the styles passed into the spotlight under the Second Empire sometimes in a somewhat heavy way, decided to return to a much purer 18th century style. The 18th century is seen as the apogee of taste, at this time we want to reproduce it by perfecting its lines and finishes with the modern technical means of the 19th century.

This is typically the case with our service : elegance of its lines, delicacy of its ornaments, its good taste, the signature of a great goldsmith. Taburet was seen at the time as a specialist in “silverware in the purest style of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries”.

The centerpiece, which more or less means “assembly”, is a piece of goldsmith’s work, most frequently on a console, which brings together in the center of the table: salt cellars, spice boxes, mustard pot, cruet, vinegar pot, sugar bowl, vases, candlesticks and candelabra. 

The table centerpiece was born with Louis XIV then used for transporting dishes during travels, at the time they were trunks.

A ‘dormant’ piece of tableware, it therefore remains in place throughout the meal, including the presentation of dessert, cake or fruit bowl for example.

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